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LAB/Test Server Hosting

Ideal for small companies or individuals, Enabled IT offer dedicated hosted test servers. These servers are a cost effective alternative to hosting your own test environment at home or in the office.

We'll provide HP Proliant Enterprise Class Server(s) running VMWare's ESXi platform giving you full control of your environment via publishing the VShphere client to you over the internet. Build and manage as many virtual machines as your server(s) can handle.

If you find you are outgrowing your current server, you can either choose to upgrade your current server or rent an additional server. At the end of the rental period you can choose to keep subscribing, or you can cancel your subscription.

There are a number of hardware options available depending on your specific needs which we've listed below. No matter which option you choose you will have a 7 day trial period. If after 7 days you decide the service is not for you, we'll cancel your subscription at no cost to you.

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Key Advantages
Seven day trial period (No tie in).
Payment via Paypal for Buyer Protection.
Multiple uses such as Proof of Concept, Demos or Study.
No physical space requirements at home or the office.
No electricity or cooling bills.
Connect from anywhere via the internet.
No upload/download limits to your ESXi Data Stores.
Robust branded hardware (HP Proliant).
Secure environment (see How it works for more details).
No setup or one off costs.
Flexible Upgrade Options.
Leverage Enabled IT's existing support infrastructure.
All servers provided are: