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Our Greener IT Initiative

In a constant effort to reduce our carbon footprint we have created our Greener IT Initiative in order to reduce the impact our systems have on the environment. Working closely with our clients we employ innovative and simple ways to make their systems more environmentally friendly, reducing energy costs and passing savings onto our clients.

Below are some examples of changes we have implemented at client sites:

Central control of client devices power management for standby and hibernation settings.
Configuring onsite devices to be switched off after office hours.
Apply thin client technology where it makes sense to do so.
Set default green printing including grey scale and duplex where possible.
Optimise printer power-saving modes, to enable standby and sleep.
Implementation of virtualisation technology.
Switch monitors to standby after certain periods of inactivity.
Consolidate services where possible onto single or dual devices.
Use onsite devices that meet recent guidelines for power consumption.
Central control of network infrastructure power consumption.


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